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University of Defence at IDET 2015 Exhibition

CATE 2015 Conference



IDET 2015


International Defence and Security Technology Exhibition (IDET) is an important event presenting defence and security technology and equipment in the Central Europe attended by a strong group of exhibitors and visiting experts following the concept of a pro-export platform supporting Czech defence and security industry. It is sponsored and attended by the leading political and military representatives of the Czech Republic while the Czech Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Czech Republic are the major exhibitors. Dynamic shows of defence technology fielded in the Czech forces and of the exhibitors’ vehicles along with intervention demonstrations of fire brigade or police will be available to watch at IDET Arena obstacle course. The best innovative exhibits will be awarded Golden IDET.
The exhibition is completed with an interesting supporting programme for the experts in defence and security technology to discuss the hot topics. The programme’s principal part will traditionally include the CATE (Community – Army – Technology – Environment) international conferences held by the University of Defence. Prior to the CATE conferences, an opening conference titled “Security Trends” out of the supporting expert programme will take place on the first day of the exhibition. This opening conference will focus on the trends, threats and challenges in security, new technology trends for safer Europe and looking at the research and development as tools for society development.
Concurrently with IDET exhibition, PYROS International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair, ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair and INTERPROTEC International Fair for Personal Protective Equipment, Health and Safety at Work take place too.
Opening hours of Brno Trade Fairs for visitors:
19 – 21 May from 9.00 to 18.00 hrs