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How to get to University of Defence Club, Brno, CR


GPS coordinates: 49°12'28.177"N 16°35'45.240"E


 Conference map:


By plane

Airport Brno - Small local Airport.
The airport is about 15km from the city centre. The 30-minute journey can be easily made by taxi or the airport bus (about 1-hour frequency).

Airport Prague - Main Czech International Airport. 
The airport is about 230km (2 hours by car) from the Brno. The journey to Brno can be made by trainbus or by taxi.

The airport is about 132 km from Brno. The journey to Brno can be made by train, bus (Student Agency is the best option) or by taxi.

By train

Brno city has very good interstate and outstate rail connection. You can search for your train online.
From Brno main rail station you get to the conference location by tram Nr. 12 in 15 minutes.

By bus

It is also good choice travel by bus from big Czech cities. The main bus companies are Student Agency,Eurolines or Flixbus.

By car

If you have chosen to travel by car, be prepared for regular traffic jams in Brno (rush hours 9,00 and 16,00). Parking in the Defence University premises is not available. It is possible to park in the surroundings with a little luck.

By public transport in Brno

The public transport system consists of trams, city buses and trolley buses. Buses operate 24 hours a day. At night there are special night buses. Night buses leave every 30 - 60 minutes depending on the line. The main railway station (“Hlavní nádraží”) is the central interchange point of all night trams and buses.
The interval between most buses is 7 - 15 min from Monday to Friday during rush hours. Weekend intervals are 10 – 30 minutes. The average interval between most trams is approximately 8 minutes during rush hours on working days; otherwise every 10 – 15 minutes.
For more information about fares and connections in Brno see www.dpmb.cz
For times, schedules and routes, see the search engine www.idos.cz

Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines, kiosks and railway stations. You can also buy a ticket for a higher price on the bus, just ask the driver.
The ticket price is about 28 CZK for 60 mins.

By taxi

There is no standard price for taxi services, but drivers are required to display their prices, usually on the door. A reasonable price is 20 CZK per km. A drive from both the main railway station and the main bus station (“Autobusové nádraží Zvonařka”) to conference location should cost approximately 200 CZK. To be sure, ask before the ride what the estimated price would be.
Taxi service from the airport – offered by the agency Foreigners.cz
  • Brno Airport <-> Brno City Center - 200 CZK (usual car), 250 CZK (a van up to 7 people) - (other taxi companies might cost up to 400 CZK)
  • Vienna Airport <-> Brno City Center - 2.450 CZK (usual car), 3.000 CZK (a van up to 7 people)
  • Hradec Králové <-> Brno City Center - 2.650 CZK
  • Prague Airport <-> Brno City Center - 2.750 CZK (usual car), 3.450 CZK (a van up to 7 people)
  • (If a car has to wait more than 30 min. -> 200 Kč/hour)
  • It is highly recommended to order a taxi at least one day before.
Other non-stop taxi services:
  • Impuls Taxi: Tel.: +420 724 00 6666
  • City Taxi: Tel.: +420 542 321 321
  • Lido Taxi: Tel.: +420 5 4221 4221

Transfer to Central European Exhibition Centre

Conference participants will be transferred from the University of Defence Club to the Central European Exhibition Centre by bus.

If you will not be able to use our transportation, there is a possibility of an individual transfer to CEEC by Brno Public Transport. Our conference will take place at Pavilon P, Congress Hall 1 (see on the map below). The best option is to use bus 84 (direction ŽIDENICE, Stará osada) and get off at the Riviéra station. Then, use Entrance no. 7 to get directly to Pavilon P.

There is also the possibility of tram transport. Use tram 1 (direction Bystrc, Ečerova) and get off at Výstaviště, vstup G2 station. Then you need to pass building G2, G1 and F to reach Pavilon P.

If you consider car transportation, use the Entrance 9 from Praha, Olomouc, Bratislava and Vídeň direction.