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Instructions for Publishing the Conference Outcomes

​​​Instructions for Publishing the Conference​​​ Outcomes

Pro českou verzi následujte tento odkaz / For czech, follow this link​​.

The conference participants have the opportunity to present their contributions in the form of articles to the magazine Vojenské rozhledy – The Czech Military Review. The articles´ content is to support the conference´s objectives and they are to be in compliance with the requirements of the magazine editorial standard available at http://www.vojenskerozhledy.cz/redakcni-standard. Accepted will be articles in Czech, English or Slovak languages. Subsequently, all articles will proceed through blinded peer review process. We emphasize that articles must be in the form of contributions to scientific journal, not contribution to proceeding. The publication of the article is not restricted upon the verbal performance in the conference.

The deadline for articles submission is 30 April 2019. Contributions are to be sent to the magazine editors as an attachment to email message to the following address: vojenskerozhledy@unob.cz. After expiration no submissions will be accepted.

A special issue of the magazine Vojenské rozhledy – The Czech Military Review will be published in printed form by 31 August 2019 and also on its website before this date.

About the magazine: the magazine "Vojenské rozhledy – The Czech Military Review" is a theoretical magazine of the Ministry of Defence published by the University of Defence. The magazine is registered in the database of journals ERIH PLUS and the "List of Reviewed Non-Impacted Journals Published in the Czech Republic". It is also listed in the CrossRef database, and "Index Copernicus Journals Master List". The content of the magazine is a part of the Czech National Bibliography and the Catalogue of the National Library of the Czech Republic. More details about the magazine are available on the its web site http://www.vojenskerozhledy.cz/home.

An Extract from the Magazine Editorial Stan​​dard

The editors accept the author contributions exclusively electronically, in the text editor MS Word. The magazine publishes the texts, which passes through the blinded peer-review process.

Peer-reviewed articles are:

    • The original scientific text, which presents original research results;
    • Survey article, which summarises knowledge and ideas or understandings in area of new progress and draws attention to the discrepancies between theory and practice.

The structure of contributions:

    • The title of the article in Czech or Slovak languages (articles written in English editors will make up);
    • The title of the article in English;
    • The name of the author or co-authors;
    • Abstract in Czech or Slovak languages (articles written in English editors will make up);
    • Abstract in English language;
    • Keywords in Czech or Slovak languages (articles written in English editors will make up);
    • Keywords in English;
    • Introduction;
    • Body of text that is broken down into chapters. The extent of the contribution is up to 20 "standard pages" (one standard page is 1800 characters with spaces);
    • The notes in the text are generated by text editor as a "Note Below the Line", displayed in the bottom of each page;
    • The citation links are also referred as notes below the line at the bottom of the page. The structure and content of citation references must conform to ČSN ISO 690 (01 0197).
    • The tables in the text should be drawn up as a text table in the MS Word or MS Excel;
    • Pictures and charts must be graphically as simple, as possible. The printer handles only two colours, black and blue. Pictures (charts, diagrams and photographs) may be part of the text or attached as separate files;
    • Conclusion;
    • Bibliography alphabetically;
    • A brief CV in Czech or Slovak languages (articles written in English editors will make up);
    • A brief CV in English;
    • Mailing address;
    • Email address and telephone number (only for the needs of editors, not published).

Each article is converted to printing form in Adobe InDesign, therefore editors does not apply the editing text requirements (spacing, font type, etc.). The editor reserves the right to make minor editing in the final text (formal, terminological, linguistic, graphical and typographical changes).