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Defence and Strategy 2019

IV. International Conference

Defence and Strategy


4.-6. June 2018

Organized by Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies University of Defence

in cooperation with Military Research Institute, s.e. 

and under the auspices of the Czech MoD and the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces.


The main purpose of the conference is to follow up the successful outcome and the pattern of a fruitful exchange of views and experience among policy makers, defence and capability planners and scholars of the previous three editions of Defence and Strategy Conferences.

The motto of 2018 Defence and Strategy Conference - Concepts for Future Battlefield underlines the need to further develop sound vision on our forces future operational deployments by applying scientific methods and verified analytical instruments.


  • Dynamic Security Environment

  • Future Operational Environment

  • Lessons from Contemporary Conflicts

  • Technological Trends Implication in Military Domain

  • Concept Validation

  • Relation between Concept and Doctrine

  • Strategic Defence Management

Greater speed, quantity, and reach of human interaction and increased access to military capabilities make the security and operational environment more unpredictable and complex, driving the likelihood and consequence of disorder. In the response to the rapidly changing operational environment and broadening mission of our military it is the prerogative for defence planners to developed relevant conceptual framework for the future battlefield. This conceptualisation is to stimulate innovative thinking about both armed forces potential engagements and long-term capability needs across all functional areas: doctrines, organisation, training, materiel, leadership, personnel, facilities and interoperability. Additionally, operational concepts provide a roadmap for development of a comprehensive investment strategy that may rebalance the armed forces structure, readiness, and modernization efforts in support of our national strategies.

There are several ongoing concurrent activities both on multinational and national level to assess the future security and operational environment and technological trends and their implications for armed forces. It is of utmost importance to exchange outcomes of these endeavours, shared knowledge and learned lessons to validate results and best practices. This approach is one of many preconditions that our armed forces will provide depth and versatility to the joint force; remain agile, responsive, and effective for combatant commanders; and offer options to national security decision makers in defence of our nations at home and abroad.

Undoubtedly, these trends constitute also significant challenge to the scientific community. Scientists, analysts and practitioners should offer not only innovative wais of thinking, out of box approaches and verified methods and ways of doing our business better but to deliver relevant and affordable solutions to existing problems as well.

It has been proofed in the past that Defence and Strategy 2018 is the right place to facilitate analytical support to the strategic level decision making in the areas of security and defence provision under growing complexity and increasing uncertainty.

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University of Defence Club, Brno, Czech Republic

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