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Defence and Strategy 2017

      IV.​ I​nternational Confe​rence​


Defence and Strategy​


22-23 May, 2018

Club of the University of Defence, Brno. Czech Republic

​​Organized by
Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies University of Defence

Under the auspices of  
The Czech MoD and the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces

The main purpose of the conference is to follow up the successful outcome and pattern of a fruitful exchange of views and experience among policy makers, defence and capability planners and scholars of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Defence and Strategy Conference.


The motto of 2018 Defence and Strategy International Conference - Informing Credible Defence – reflects the need for strengthening defence management by scientific methods and verified analytical instruments.


In the response to the rapidly changing security landscape the political prerogative become credible defence and enhanced readiness and preparedness of our armed forces. On international stage this trajectory was confirmed by NATO Heads of States and Governments at NATO Summits both in Wales and Warsaw.


Security environment has become even more unpredictable than several years ago and political and military leadership, defence and force planners are looking for ways to cope with growing complexity of future operating environment and uncertainty. In addition, more effort is put on improving our policies, concepts, doctrines and internal business processes and more resources are making available modernisation of our armed forces, improved training and larger military exercises.

Undoubtedly, these trends constitute also significant challenge to the scientific community. Scientists, analysts and practitioners should offer innovative way of thinking, out of box approaches and verified methods and way of doing our business better.


Defence and Strategy 2017 is the right place to facilitate analytical support to the strategic level decision making in the area of security and defence provision under growing complexity and increasing uncertainty.