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Naposledy změněno 30. 4. 2013 10:48 uživatelem Žižlavský Marek

CATE 2013 Conferences

The international conferences under the aggregated name of CATE, standing for Community – Army – Technology – Environment, has turned into the supporting pillar for the associated expert events to the IDET international defence and security technology exhibition.

And it will also remain so in this year as the umbrella of CATE 2013 held at the Brno exhibition centre on 22 till 24 May covers six international conferences. Used by Czech and international experts for meeting and discussions, that family of specialised events is a fixed part of the scientific conferences system hosted by the Army of the Czech Republic. Therefore, its leading representatives use to take the conference fractional under patronage. The conferences are open to NATO member countries as well as partnership countries. Technically, CATE is an opportunity for military experts, university teachers, government administration officers and defence and security industry representatives to meet together. The University of Defence guarantees the expert level of the conference.